Towards a Typology of Video Game Trailers in G|A|M|E

The Evolve 4v1 trailer is an example of the interface trailer.
My interest in video game trailers has turned into an article in G|A|M|E, the Italian Journal of Game Studies. The article is open-access and can be found here. I already attempted few trailer analyses at this blog back in 2011 (modern and retro), however they were written largely from an enthusiast's perspective. The article "Towards a typology of video game trailers: Between the ludic and the cinematic" is taking more academic approach. It first briefly reviews current research into video game trailers and surrounding industry and popular practice of trailer typologies and marketing and then proceeds to present my own theory-driven take on the typology of video game trailers introducing three different categories of trailers: performance, transmedia and interface trailers. Check the article and the whole new issue of the G|A|M|E journal about re-framing of video games in the light of cinema here.